Decision to Give Is Personal and Professional

David and Pam Larsen with daughter Jennie

David Larsen suffered painful migraines and a low white blood cell count while traveling overseas a decade ago. Those symptoms soon led to a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. The news came as a shock to David and his wife Pam. The couple lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and expected to continue their island lifestyle well into the future.

Confused and overwhelmed, David researched the illness online and discovered the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. The MMRF has guided him through his cancer journey and provided ammunition to discuss treatments, which have included two stem cell transplants.

“I was in remission for five to six years, but then the cancer came back and is with me now,” says David, an author, retired attorney, and former columnist with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “I’m undergoing chemotherapy to keep it under control.”

Despite that setback, he fights his cancer with optimism and is focused on finding a cure. Drawing on his expertise as an estate-planning attorney, he decided the best way to help was to provide a gift to the MMRF.

David Larsen and daughter Jennie at Half Moon Bay

“I wanted to thank the MMRF for the good, hard work in prior years, which I am now the beneficiary of,” he says.

He admits his decision to give was somewhat selfish.

“I’m looking for a cure. Research cures cancer,” he says.

David provided a gift of stock to the MMRF and included the foundation in his will. Twenty years ago David and Pam identified another innovative and future thinking company, Apple Inc. The investment proved to be a wise one, and David hopes his gift to the MMRF has similar success in finding a cure.

“What I’m hoping for, and all patients are hoping for, is that someday the MMRF is out of business. If they’re out of business, I’m cured,” he says.



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